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Nov 01, 2011
Save my Soaps!!!
by: Anonymous

I stopped watching ABC at 1:00 I wait til 2:00 and watch til 4:00 After that I turn the channel. I will not watch any new shows on ABC. If it is a old show like desperate Housewife's I watch it. Then again I turn the channel. I will not watch ABC or any of there new shows!!! I probably would have tuned into Charles Angles but it was on ABC and has now been cut from what I here. I hope ABC is loosing money. I have even took this to a new level. Since ABC is owned by Disney I have stopped watching new Disney Movies. We still have Pixar. I hold a grudge for4 ever and I still am upset over the loss of my soaps that I have watched so long. I Hope that ABC is starting to feel the pinch of us soap fans that mean so little To Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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