where's the money???

by jeff
(Hannover Germany)

I tried the product out, just the standard version $37 per month, the first two days were profitable, nothing incredible or amazing but fair. Then on the 3rd day all went to heck, many trades open against trend, kept buying on a sell trend, no stop losses set, and if I manually set a stop loss the program would override and remove it. The long story short is that in less than five days of trading FX Millionaire wiped out $1500 from my acct. (And this was done on .1 and lot sizes) Needless to say, I cut the program off at that point. As far as I am concerned the FX system is a rip off, the worst risk management I ever saw, trades made against the current trend .. not just one instance of this, but multiple trades made again and again against the trend all resulting in loss after loss. No stop losses set, or if there were they were set with a ratio of something like 10 to 1, your loss being 10 pips for every pip of profit.

After FX Auto Millionaire Not, wiped out $1500 in less than five days of trading I turned it off, and never used it again, I notified FX millionaire that I wanted my money back as was promoted in their add, I haven't seen a dime yet, and was then charged again the following month from Pirus, I then sent Pirus a copy of the letter I sent to FXM, telling them I had canceled the account and wanted a refund, I have not heard from them, and have not gotten a credit, and again this month they tried to charge my account, but were blocked by my bank.

Stay the hell away from FXM and Pirus as well. Companies who do not honor their promotions can be nothing less than liars and cheats.

You can contact me at jvn1963@hotmail.com

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